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Yang Family Hidden Tradition Taiji or T'ai Chi
American Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan Association

Wang Yen-nien

Wang Yen-nien
Dec. 1914 - May 4, 2008

"Although there are many different schools of taiji being taught, all of them are part of the same unique cultural heritage, They all represent a crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese ancients, and they should all be studied and passed on."

-Wang Yen-nien, Taipei, 1993


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We shall all share what have been taught by Teacher Wang and expand and develop further to fulfill Teacher Wang's deepest wish to reach out and help more people.
      --Hwang Shie-ming

Yang Luchan, Yang Jianhou, Zhang Ginlin, Wang Yen-nien
Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan
(Yang Family Hidden Tradition Taiji or T'ai Chi)
from Yang Luchan to Wang Yen-nien
The American Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan Association (AYMTA) was founded in the early 1990's in California by Akai Jong, Julia Fisher-Fairchild and Wang Yen-nien. It is a non-profit organization with the purpose of perpetuating Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan (YMT) as taught by Wang Yen-nien, fourth generation master.

Taijiquan (or, in Wade Giles romanization, T'ai-Chi Ch'uan), has its roots in traditions that go back thousands of years. One version of its beginning is that Zhang Sanfeng, a Taoist monk, was watching a crane and a snake battle and was struck by the way that they used deception and body movements to evade the attacks of each other. Finally exhausted from the even contest the two creatures left. Sanfeng, though, was left with thoughts that led to development of the early basics of taijiquan .
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